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Affiliate Marketing Blog – You Must Have One!

An affiliate marketing blog has a huge advantage over a conventional website and I will explain here how you can turn this to your advantage. I am assuming that your ambition is to make money online and you intend to achieve this as an affiliate marketer, selling someone else’s product for some sort of commission.

The vast majority of those surfing the web have no intention of buying anything, most are checking their email accounts or seeking information of one sort or another. Those that do go online to buy something usually know precisely what it is they are after and are looking for the best deal. Going for the instant sale is not a good tactic especially if you are not a well established brand such as eBay or Amazon and even then visitors to those sites usually have a very clear idea of what they are after.

You may have a well designed, conventional website in a clearly defined niche however you still have the problem of being unknown to the visitor. They have never heard of you, why should they trust you? A way around this problem is to offer a free gift in exchange for their name and email address.

This type of landing page is often refereed to as a squeeze page, the idea being that armed with their details on your mailing list you may be able to sell them something at a later date. You have established some sort of relationship.

An affiliate marketing blog goes one stage further as far as reducing sales resistance and putting the visitor at their ease is concerned. The reason for this lies in the all important term; blog.

Blog is a contraction of the words web log and is still perceived as being akin to an online diary. Something that journalists, politicians, writers and anyone with a cause to promote or opinions to air would establish. Initially they tended to be exclusively set up by individuals however in the last few years blogs with lots of contributors have become the norm.

So how does this help you in your internet marketing endeavours?

Blogs are still seen as less threatening, less of a sales device than a conventional website. A visitor to your affiliate marketing blog will be in a more relaxed, responsive state. It is very important not to abuse this situation.

Your blog must be made up of relevant, original content that seeks to inform, not to sell. It is also important to constantly add new material, preferably on a daily basis. It is vital to maintain the blog format that your visitor will expect to see. Genuinely helpful articles not sales pitches.

Any attempt to sell the product or service that you are promoting must be done in a very low key manner. ‘Should you want further information you may want to check this out’, not ‘Buy now before the price goes up!’

Used correctly an affiliate marketing blog is a powerful weapon in your sales arsenal, you need to get to the situation where your readers are buying from you rather than being sold to.

See you in cyberspace!

Lawrence Stainbank

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