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Low Budget Online Marketing

Got a small business? But only have a low budget for online marketing? You might have a great website which is great. You may even have a Facebook page and a Twitter account. These are all a really good start when it comes to online marketing for small business. But what if you want to really ramp up your internet marketing strategy but your small business only has a small budget? No problem.

You see it was only about 15 years ago or so when small business used traditional marketing mediums such as Yellow Pages, TV, print, radio and so on. And well these marketing methods used to take a fair chunk out of a small business budget.

And then came along the internet. The evolution of online marketing has evolved from flashing banners and email newsletters to Google AdWords, Facebook ads, Twitter marketing, online articles and social bookmarking. The great thing about online marketing and social media strategies is that is all relatively inexpensive and sometimes free.

Lets take a look at some really inexpensive and free ways small business can develop a powerful online marketing campaign on a low budget:

-Use keywords to get up the Google rankings and achieve search engine optimisation (SEO). It’s like free advertising, it just takes some work.

-Use social media strategies for trust marketing to build relationships

-Use Facebook optimisation strategies for free to create a business page and update as much as you like, interact with your subscribers and build on your industry credibility

-Use Twitter to post links to relevant industry contents such as articles, reports, videos, other websites to again build relationships

-Use Google AdWords and set your budget as low as you like

-Research Facebook tips for small business to really pimp your online marketing

-Use Facebook to advertise and get to a captive audience

-Use automated websites to schedule your Facebook and Twitter posts

-Use online article sites such as Hubpages and EzineArticles to link back your website

-Use video to promote your business

-Use images for SEO. This is highly underestimated!

-Use online newsletters to your existing customers and clientele

-Use a signature block in your emails

-Integrate your Facebook and Twitter posts

-Post in online forums relevant to your industry, again using a signature block. This is a great way to build industry credibility.

-Present to your local Chamber of Commerce

As you can see there are so many SEO strategies available to small business it really comes down to what suits your business best. Online marketing can also be as expensive as you want it to be.

Marketing a business whether it be online or offline takes hard work, patience and perseverance but it can have massive dividends for profits.

There are though really easy ways to get your business noticed whether it be with Google and the search engines or the social media sites. It may just come down to our creative you are.

Online marketing takes consistent effort over a period of time to see the results you want. Great thing is that most of the marketing tools available are either free or cost very little.

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